Ride on Belfast 2017


Ride on Belfast is back for its fifth year! We ride the city on Friday 16th June 2017 with now TWO traditional rides – the Breakfast Run at 8am and Tour de Lunchtime at 12.30pm.

Ride on Belfast is simply for the craic – enjoy riding your bicycle on the streets of Belfast with hundreds of others at rush hour and get out for a wee stretch at lunch.

Want a poster for work or to spread the word locally? Coming soon..

Breakfast run

The traditional Ride on Belfast breakfast run is 5 years old!

Hundreds of people on bicycles will meet at 8am beside the McClay Library on College Square East (Botanic Avenue behind QUB) on Friday 16th June 2017.

At about 8.10am we roll out for a mass ride to Belfast City Hall where you can get a free breakfast before heading to work or about your business for the day.

We’ll ride down University Street, onto the Ormeau Road where the modern bicycle was born (thanks to John Boyd Dunlop and Willie Hume) along Cromac Street, Victoria Street, past the Albert Clock and left into Waring Street. Taking a right onto Donegall Street we’ll wave to St Anne’s Cathedral, before turning left and along Royal Avenue until our destination comes into sight – Belfast City Hall!

It’s all about enjoying riding your bicycle in the city, with a little treat of a free breakfast when you get to City Hall.

Tour de Lunchtime

Hey, we know not everybody can make the 8am Breakfast Run – workplace start times, childcare commitments and so on. So last year we added a lunchtime leisure run – and it was so popular we’re doing Tour de Lunchtime again!

This year to celebrate the opening of the Connswater Greenway, we’re getting a stretch in – a nice 12km loop around the south and east of the city.

We’ll start at Belfast City Hall departing sharply at 12.30pm – get there in good time! We’ll swing round onto the Alfred Street cycleway before hitting the Gasworks – will we all fit this year?

From there it’s a jaunt along the Lagan to the Ormeau Bridge, around Ormeau Park then over to Ardenlee Avenue. Nipping over the Cregagh Road will bring us to the Connswater Greenway behind Ladas Drive.

We’ll pedal down the Greenway through CS Lewis Square to our traditional lap of Victoria Park, before heading back to Belfast City Hall via Sydenham Road, the Lagan Weir Bridge and High Street.

FAQs & Contacts

How do I join Ride on Belfast?
Just turn up and ride! There are event pages on Facebook which you can join and share to encourage your family, friends and colleagues to take part.

How much is the entry fee?
Ride on Belfast is free – even the grub at the end of the Breakfast Run won’t cost you a penny!

Wait, there’s a free breakfast?
Yes, a free breakfast is courtesy of Belfast City Council and Travelwise NI, and supplied on the day by various vendors. When you arrive at City Hall you’ll get a voucher to use.

Will the roads be closed?
No, we’re riding on the streets of Belfast in general traffic.

Is it safe?
Belfast doesn’t have a lot of safe cycling space, so you’ll be riding on the road at your own risk. You’ll need to be confident and take whatever safety precautions you feel are necessary. But we’ll all look out for each other.

Have a look at the routes, or better still ride the routes in advance to give yourself an better idea. Tour de Lunchtime will be mostly away from shared roads.

Is this Critical Mass?
No. It’s Ride on Belfast.

Are we taking back the roads?
No, we’re just riding our bicycles like any other day – just with lots more people. Stick to the rules of the road, unless directed otherwise by one of the PSNI Officers on bicycles who like to join us for the Breakfast Run.

They’ll be concentrating on keeping you safe – try not to become the focus of their attention.

Will there be feeder rides?
Check out Facebook (Bikefast) and Twitter (#ROB5 hashtag) more information on any feeder rides being organised, or get involved in organising one yourself!

Who is organising the main ride?
It’s a joint effort by The Fréd Festival, Bikefast, supported by Belfast City Council, and made possible by all of the participants.

Who made that lovely Ride On Belfast logo?
That was Katriona Designs, or @kats_pajamas on Twitter 🙂

Contact The Fréd Festival by email or on Twitter@thefredfestival.
Contact Bikefast by email or on Facebook.

Social media

Ride On Belfast is all about the people who take part –  and the more the merrier.

Spread the word about Ride on Belfast through your social accounts to show you’re going and encourage other to join in, or maybe organise your own feeder ride.


It’s all about the hashtag on Twitter this year! Just use #ROB5 to share your thoughts, plans, pictures and videos.


The event page on Facebook is a great way to keep up to date with the latest news about the day, and you can share the event with your friend list.

Details to follow.


We’ll update between now and Ride on Belfast.